3 Stretches to REDUCE low back pain at HOME

Working from home and your lower back does not like you? Try these 3 stretches for you!

Working from home is becoming the new culture for most companies. I hope that most of you have upgraded your workspace to be more ergonomically sound for you. (another blog coming soon on home office equipment.)

Because you deserve it. Go get that lumbar support office chair boo boo

But FIRST let's talk about the 3 stretches to help REDUCE your low back pain from working at home.

***If you notice any pain or discomfort in any of these stretches - STOP - give us a call to schedule your appointment to see what is going on!***

Number 1: Seated rotations

This one can be done in the chair. The main focus is to be upright as possible and no slouching!

Sit up tall

Hands interlocking behind head

Rotate to one side and hold for 5 seconds

Then switch

3 times to each side

Goal: To stretch and increase mobility to mid-back and low back muscles.

Number 2: Seated Figure 4 stretch

Another stretch that can be done in the chair. :)

Sit towards the edge of the chair.

Feet flat to the ground and waist width

One leg, place your ankle on top of the opposing knee.

Lean forward comfortably - do not force yourself.

Goal: Stretching piriformis and lower back muscles

Number 3: Upward dog stretch

This one gives you another reason to leave your desk for a few minutes.

Starting position will be in a push up position.

Leave your pelvis/hip flat on ground

Raise only your upper body

Hold for 15 seconds

**Goal for full elbow extension - go as far as you are tolerated

Goal: reduce lower back tension and improve curvature in lumbar spine.

Hope these stretches give you some and ultimately relief from lower back pain. If any of these stretches causes pain or discomfort, please stop and schedule an appointment to see what is going on.

If you want other stretches or topics to cover comment below and we will get it to you!


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