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about revyve

Our Mission

We provide all the services and resources needed to build a conscious, holistic lifestyle for every individual.

Our Purpose

To create a new reality where everyone can pause and reconnect with themselves and their environment on a daily basis.

Our Services

We have an entire list of services found here. We offer chiropractic care, professional massage therapy, assisted stretch therapy, organic facials and health coaching.

If you aren't sure what would best benefit you, try taking our revyve holistic quiz or give us a call!

Our Values

Strength  Strength can be found in many different forms; from resilience to power, we strive to help everyone feel strong in every aspect.

Sustainability  Our pursuit of a more balanced, conscious lifestyle includes being aware of how our actions affect our environment. We will always make reasonable changes to decrease our carbon footprint.

Balance  We understand that life is not always peachy, and we choose to embrace it anyways. 

Growth  Consistent learning, regardless of how experienced we are in our field, is integral to giving the best service possible. We ensure that we always have opportunities to learn more about holistic healing, both for our employees and our community.

Inclusivity  Diversity is beautiful and highly valued in our community. We welcome people of all ages, ethnicities, genders, religions, abilities, class, and beliefs, and always look for more ways to integrate universal love into our organization.

Our Community

We consider anyone interested in/on the path to being more connected with themselves as a member of our community. Revyve is dedicated to reinforcing the strength and facilitating the growth of a holistic lifestyle through sustainable practices, local services, and accessible resources for our community.