revyve Stretch

revyve Stretch is a professionally assisted stretch protocol which provides you with many benefits. One of our licensed stretch therapists will work with you 1-on-1 by placing the body into positions that engage the stretch as you “relax into it”. With the additional force applied by the second person, revyve Stretch allows for what cannot be obtained through self stretching: maximum resistance.

revyve Stretch accomplishes more than just the basic stretch. With a partner’s assistance, a greater number of muscles can be more effectively stretched and trained through all planes of movement. Both widening the range of motion and deepening the initial stretch allow for more efficient results.

Benefits of revyve Stretch include:

- Enhanced Muscular Coordination

- Increased Circulation

- Increased Energy

- Increased Range of Motion

- Reduced Muscle Tension

With revyve Stretch, you can feel the immediate benefits after just one session. Having regular sessions will exponentially improve your overall wellness, especially when used in conjunction with revyve Massage and revyve Chiropractic. 

We offer 30 minute and 50 minute stretch sessions – all of which can be added to the end of a massage session for maximum results.

Benefits of stretching:

- Reduces muscle tension

- Increases range of motion in the joints

- Enhances muscular coordination

- Increases blood circulation to those parts of the body

- Increases energy levels

- Improves posture

- Heals painful and tight muscles

- Relieves stress

- Calms the mind

Benefits of cervical stretches

- Helps provide relief for neck pain

- Helps restore natural posture

- Can help prevent future recurrences of pain

Benefits of thoracic stretching

- Maintain and improve mobility and correct natural posture

- Benefit of low body stretching

- Help joints move through their full range of motion

- Enhances muscles to work effectively

- Prevents injury due to fatigue and overuse


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