"New Year, New Me!"

"New Year, New Me!"


It feels like we've all heard (or maybe even said) this phrase at some point.

Yet, once all the fireworks have been set off and the confetti has been swept up, it can feel difficult to stick to our New Years Resolutions, no matter how incredible they are or how many people we told. But why is that? Why don't we immediately feel like a "new person" once the new year comes?


No matter what the date is, how drastically you try to change, what the scale/mirror shows, etc, you cannot become a new person.

However, something much more beautiful is possible: you can continue to grow as yourself.


The phrase, "new year, new me," doesn't actually mean that everyone who has used it was reborn; it means that there has been a change in perspective. Obstacles that once seemed unsurmountable became stepping stones towards grandeur goals. Tempting distractions became easily ignorable, especially as dreams became more and more attainable.


If you have struggled with sticking to your New Years Resolutions, try these tips!


1. Find a buddy to keep you accountable.

Whether it's a friend who has the same goals as you, your followers on social media, or your favorite revyve BodyWork Specialist, confide in someone about what goals you want to set and why you want to set them! Maybe, in turn, help them stick to one of their goals by reminding them why they wanted to start this goal in the first place!


2. Understand your goals.

Setting New Years Resolutions is more than writing down some words and hoping it'll come true. It's a resolution, not a wish.

Whatever your goal is, ask yourself these questions:

- WHAT is your goal? Is your goal really to "lose weight", or is your goal to feel healthier and stronger in your own body? Do you really want to spend less time on your phone, or do you want to actually spend more time interacting with people face-to-face or out in nature? The more you understand your goals, the easier it'll be to replace the energy you use for your "bad" habits with "good" alternatives.

- WHY is this your goal? Similar to the last question, but what is your driving force to changing or starting these habits? Many people blame the "symptom" of their problems rather than the actual issue. Figure out why you want to see this resolution in your life and remind yourself of that reason every time it gets tough.

- WHO is this goal for? Is it for you? If not, do you feel guilted into it? Resolutions are significantly more difficult to stick to if you feel obligated to. Find a way to make it something you genuinely want to do for yourself and the motivation will come infinitely easier.

- IMAGINE that it's December 31st, 2020. What will your life look like once you've stuck to all your resolutions? The more you visualize how everything will look like, the easier it will be for everything to fall into place.


3. Be kind to yourself.

No matter how amazing your goals are, be understanding with what you'll need to achieve them all. Sometimes, especially with large goals, we need time, research, and an incredible amount of support in order to truly tackle our resolutions at their core. If your goals are health-related, the BodyWork specialists at revyve can help figure out what we can do to help facilitate these changes. If your goals aren't health-related, create a bond with your friend or a specialist in the field to help bring you closer to seeing your dreams come true!



The goal isn't to shed who you were in the past, but rather to fully grow into who you want to be in the future. As you continue this journey, you'll find that the person you see in the mirror will stand a little taller, smile a little wider, and resemble a rock star just a little more. No matter what changes, you'll still be the same person with the same heart, and we wouldn't want it any other way.


Stay amazing & we can't wait to see what you do with your resolutions!


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