January's Theme: New Beginnings

Happy New Year!


It's the beginning of a new year– a new decade even– and the inspirational posts, programs, and more are ever-present. It seems like every business is offering a deal, and every person is starting a new habit. Although we know that every sale and coupon has an expiration date, we can't help but think: "Are my new habits going to become part of my lifestyle, or are they going to expire too?"


revyve's theme for January 2020 is "New Beginnings" for a multitude of reasons, and if you think it's because we want to encourage you to do something completely new, it's truly not. Rather, we're excited to see what happens when you begin consciously doing something you've done every day, probably without recognizing it.


While self-love takes many forms, it's recently become popularized in very distinguishable, aesthetic ways. Luxury baths, weekend vacations, at-home face masks, and more, have been characterized as "self-love actions", or things to do when someone wants to give themselves some much-needed attention and support. Don't get us wrong– we'll never turn down a fantastic vacation with all the amenities, because purposefully abstaining from things that would make you happy is not self-love either, but there is a simple misconception that the love that you have for yourself can only be expressed by tangible actions.


The reality is that you do not need to go somewhere or do something in order to feel love (even from yourself!). When you pay attention to your breath, that's self love. When you feel hungry or thirsty and grab something nourishing to eat, that's self love. When you recognize that you've had a recurring soreness in your neck and you decide to get it checked out, that's self love.


Self-love is so integral into who we are, and what we do, yet we are often are so busy that we glance past these incredible, blissful moments in hopes to find peace in scheduled periods of self-love. The more we bring attention to how all of the little spaces in our day can be filled with noticing where self-love resides, the more gratitude we can have for self-love– an intrinsic part of the revyve experience.


One of the many reasons why the revyve community can feel like home is because of how self-love is integrated into every aspect of the revyve experience. From our phone call confirmations to our waiting room layout, interactions with our bodywork specialists to the curation of our website, we insure that you will feel a deep sense of relaxation when you immerse yourself in the revyve lifestyle. Yet regardless of how blissful our business can be, we understand that it can be hard to take this deep level of peace past our doors. We want you to be able to take the energy you at revyve wherever you go. We want to have this feeling revitalize all aspects of your lifestyle, almost as if you were experiencing a New Beginning.


From regular stretching to health sessions, positive affirmations to mindful products, revyve offers a plethora of resources to ensure that everyone can live their best life, regardless of when their next scheduled visit is. Our theme, our New Beginning, will give you the space and resources to understand how self-love hides in plain sight, and how to use self-awareness to cultivate love into any moment that we choose.


Learning how to unconditionally love yourself has been theme since before you were born and, as we become aware of the many forms of self-love that we have experienced in the past, we will enjoy the present more and begin creating a beautiful future together.


Stay updated with revyve on social media or through our website! In person, we'll be hosting events that can help you with your "New Beginning" (like our Health Reset Program or our Free Holistic Health Talks coming up in a few weeks!). Online, we'll be providing resources to help you figure out what methods of conscious self-love you can incorporate into your daily routine.


Are you ready for this New Beginning?

You're more prepared for this jump-start than you think.

Ready? Set. Go!


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