A Guide to revyve's Social Media Platforms

Whoa, revyve is everywhere!


From Facebook to Instagram, Twitter to LinkedIn, we have it all!

Here's a list of revyve's social media accounts and what benefits you can gain from following them!


1. Facebook

Facebook, home of the educational articles and location updates! Since Facebook is usually used for updating friends on what you're up to, our revyve team is using it to update everyone on what we find interesting and what we're up to! We have three Facebook pages; one for each location and a main account. Follow our revyve page and your favorite location (Forney and Lewsiville) for updates!



2. Instagram

If you want ALL the revyve pictures, these social media accounts are for you! From photos of our products to pictures of our staff, we'll do our best to showcase everything that makes revyve feel like home! During this upcoming year, we're also going to be creating lots of IGTV and Story content, so stay tuned! We have three Instagram pages; one for each location and a main account. Follow our @revyvelife page and your favorite location (Forney and Lewisville) for location-specific content!



3. Twitter

People who have a Twitter usually never know what to expect from their homepage, but following revyve would mean that you can always expect to see some wholesome, introspective content. Whether it's the most recent viral cute animal video or tips on how to de-stress throughout your day, we've got your mindfulness reminders set! Follow our @revyvelife account (and turn on notifications) to bring more awareness to your tweeting experience.



4. YouTube

No, we won't have addicting cat videos.

But, we have the next best thing!

Our YouTube channel consists of playlists from our favorite educational videos from estheticians, chiropractors, health coaches, and massage therapists from all over the world. This upcoming year, we'll also be uploading customer testimonials, our own specially curated educational videos, and some videos of what the revyve team is like behind the scenes. You can't miss it, so make sure to subscribe!



5. Pinterest

Pinterest is the main hub of free self-love, lifestyle, and educational resources which is why we are exceptionally excited to showcase more of revyve's services, blogs, and community events on this platform. From meal prep ideas that we share, to graphics showcasing our newest blogs, our Pinterest feels like an entire revyve experience in itself! Follow us at @revyvelife to see all the boards you've been missing out on!



6. LinkedIn

What better social media platform to learn more about the revyve staff and culture than LinkedIn! On our LinkedIn, we'll truly connect with the people that make revyve thrive (that includes you!). It'll be a must-visit for everyone that wants to connect more with our bodywork specialists, so make sure you friend @revyveme on LinkedIn to learn more!



7. Our Website!


Yes, websites technically do count as social media, especially since we have so many widgets available for you to use!

From booking appointments to checking recent reviews, our website offers a plethora of ways for you to become involved in our revyve community and revitalize your health. Some fun, yet less well-known resources we have include our calendar (where you can find our upcoming events) and our bodywork specialist profiles (where you can learn more about all of the revyve staff).

If there's anything else you'd love to see on our website, let us know by reaching out to social@revyve.com!


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